Sophie’s life changed forever when her beloved son Felix, who was 20, died of SUDEP – Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy.



Felix was a student at the University of Leicester, and his body was found in his room after he failed to turn up for rehearsals for a show.

Sophie now works to raise awareness of SUDEP, which is little understood, and to support the charity SUDEP Action, which supports the bereaved and funds research. SUDEP claims 21 lives a week, mostly those of young adults like Felix.

The Green Hill Book Image

Sophie is fundraising for SUDEP Action, with the support of Anna Dunscombe, a talented artist, with a project called The Dart Map. Anna has painted a pictorial map of the Dart Valley between Dartmeet and Buckfast, which has been reproduced on posters, tea towels, cards and bags. See the website here.